• SCIO Partners Fund II: EurekaHedge rankings 2017

    Published: February 2, 2018

    SCIO Partners Fund II was EurekaHedge’s best performing European fixed income fund over €50m in 2017*. The fund’s 2017 net annual return was 13.69 per cent, against EurekaHedge’s Europe fixed income index benchmark of 6.31 per cent.

    SCIO Partners Fund II, SCIO’s second closed-ended partners’ fund, is invested in predominately by German institutional investors. Fund assets were sourced through both secondary and primary markets, and no leverage has been used to enhance returns.

    * Selection criteria for the rankings includes: YTD returns for 2017, EUR denominated, European investment focus, fixed income, minimum AuM of €50m. Neither SCIO Capital LLP or SCIO-Fund SICAV-FIS have paid to participate in or distribute these results.
    ** Only including those funds that have supplied Eurekahedge with Dec 2017 performance numbers as of 1 February 2018.

    Source: © Copyright 2018 Eurekahedge Pte Ltd.

  • SCIO at the Opal European CLO Summit 2017

    Published: October 25, 2017

    SCIO’s CIO Greg Branch is participating in the investors’ round table at this annual conference, at which participants can learn the newest techniques to maximise returns and reduce risk exposure in this growing area of secured finance. The conference will take place on Thursday 2 November at County Hall on London’s south bank. For more information on the conference, please visit

  • SCIO in the Securitisation and Structured Finance Handbook 2018

    Published: September 27, 2017

    SCIO is pleased to announce that once again, we have been asked to contribute to this annual, industry-leading publication. This year’s article, entitled European secured direct lending: Safe harbour in an uncertain world, looks at the causes, current drivers and opportunities in European secured direct lending.

    There are a limited number of publication copies available – please email Tim Riggins on to reserve yours, and for more information, visit

  • SCIO at the IMN 23rd annual ABS East Conference

    Published: August 21, 2017

    This marquee conference, held once again in Miami from 17-19 September, features a programme devised by investors and led by issuers. Over 4,000 structured finance professionals will attend. Barry Lucassen, a director in SCIO’s portfolio management team, will participate on Tuesday’s Opportunities in European Structured Products panel.

    For more information, please visit

  • SCIO at Opal investor events in Newport RI USA 24-26 July

    Published: June 28, 2017

    SCIO is attending two events running concurrently: the Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum 2017, and the Public Funds Summit East 2017. SCIO’s head of business development Michael Heidecker, and head of investor relations Jörn Czech will be in attendance, and SCIO will have a booth at the Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum – please stop by to say hello and learn more about SCIO’s expertise in European secured private debt.

    For more information please visit

  • SCIO Partners Fund I realises asset values after returning 11.5% pa

    Published: June 14, 2017

    SCIO Capital’s Partners Fund I is in its planned final realisation of asset values, five years after the launch of the closed-ended fund. The fund, which invested in core European private structured credit on behalf of institutional and other professional investors, returned 11.5 per cent pa net of fees over its lifetime.

    SCIO Partners Fund I benefited from significant supply and demand imbalances that still exist in certain European secured lending markets, which are mainly caused by the disadvantageous regulatory framework for structured credit in particular, and by the banks’ desire to sell their non-core credit portfolios and reduction of activity in the primary markets. SCIO continues to exploit this void with the SCIO Opportunity Fund I, an open-ended strategy with a similar investment philosophy, to which a majority of Partners Fund I investors have transferred their realisation proceeds.

  • SCIO at the AFME/IMN 21st annual Global ABS Conference

    Published: May 8, 2017

    This marquee conference, held once again in Barcelona from 6-8 June, features a programme which will closely examine the impact of major global regulatory initiatives and political developments, and how the securitisation market will adapt to these volatile times. Over 3,500 leaders in the global ABS market attend this event annually, making it the largest annual European structured finance gathering.

    SCIO’s CIO Greg Branch will participate on Wednesday’s Risk Retention as a Political Football: U.S. versus European Proposals panel.

    For more information please visit

  • SCIO at the IMN’s 4th Annual Investors’ Conference on European CLOs and Leveraged Loans

    Published: February 28, 2017

    SCIO’s Portfolio Management Director Barry Lucassen and Head of Business Development and Investor Relations Jörn Czech will attend this conference, to be held Wednesday 5 April in London. The event, which brings together leading European CLO managers, regulators, and CLO investors to discuss key developments and investment opportunities in the industry, will feature extensive coverage on outlook for issuance in 2017, structural and legal considerations, relative value from a research analyst and investor perspective, ratings methodology for CLOs, and more.
    Barry will participate in the CLO Equity Investor Perspectives panel.
    For more information on this conference, please visit

  • SCIO at SFIG Vegas 2017

    Published: February 20, 2017

    SCIO’s CIO Greg Branch and Head of Business Development and Investor Relations Jörn Czech will attend this conference, to be held from 26 February-1 March in Las Vegas. Billed as the largest capital markets conference in the world, the three-and-a-half day programme is developed by leaders within the structured finance industry.
    Greg will participate on Monday’s CLO Equity Investor Roundtable.
    For more information on this conference, please visit

  • SCIO Capital announces co-operation with Ravien Sewtahal

    Published: February 14, 2017

    SCIO Capital, the independent fixed income specialist in high-value credit solutions, today announces a co-operation with Rotterdam-based Ravien Sewtahal.
    Mr Sewtahal’s background is in advising on allocation across a range of asset types including alternative investments for a large, international corporate pension fund as well as a leading pension fund investment consultant. He also has marketed to investors a variety of assets and products for a leading international investment bank.
    Jörn Czech, SCIO’s Head of Business Development and Investor Relations, says ‘we are very pleased that Ravien has chosen to work with SCIO as well. He has a very high level of knowledge regarding our areas of expertise as well as a deep knowledge of the Dutch investor landscape.’


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