SCIO, Prytania and SME Capital – Announcement Regarding Origination Partnership

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SME Capital, SCIO Capital and Prytania Asset Management are delighted to announce the successful closing of a funding partnership to help support UK SMEs.

Ronnie Sarkar, Head of Capital Markets at SME Capital:

‘At SME Capital, we support owner-managed and local businesses in taking the next step in their evolution, whether that be growth, acquisition or succession. We’re very pleased to be able to announce a partnership with high quality, like-minded investors like SCIO and Prytania; both of whom share our conviction that SMEs are core to the post-pandemic recovery, innovation and establishment of strong local and national economy here in the UK. SCIO and Prytania together bring a wealth of expertise in corporate lending and will support our ability to deploy capital into the underserved lower middle market. We are excited to work with them during this most critical of times for UK SMEs and look forward to a long and successful partnership going forward.’

Greg Branch, Partner and CIO of SCIO Capital:

‘We are delighted to be working together with James and his team at SME Capital to offer timely and affordable long term debt solutions to UK businesses. Given that SMEs account for three fifths of the UK workforce, providing them financing in this post-pandemic period will be critical to restarting the economy.’

Colin Behar, Portfolio Manager at Prytania:

‘We strive to add value for investors using a rigorous investment process to allocate capital to parts of the economy that need it most. The SME Capital platform allows us to do this via its innovative and flexible products, supported by a strong origination process and a great team. Partnering with them to invest in the core of the U.K. economy was a logical choice and an exciting opportunity. We look forward to the growth ahead in the coming months and years’

  • SCIO is a London-based direct lender specialising in European secured private credit.
  • Prytania is a London-based fund manager investing globally across securitised portfolios and managing diversified credit strategies.

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