Why Asset-Based Credit?

Asset-based credit (ABC) is a niche subset of the broader private credit universe. It offers investors several unique advantages over traditional corporate credit, including:

Lower Risk

ABC has historically experienced lower losses than corporate credit due to credit enhancement and strong protective covenants.

Better Diversification

Structures are backed by pools of hundreds or thousands of assets, rather than by a single corporate credit.

Higher Returns

ABC borrowers are often willing to pay more for the speed of execution, certainty, and flexibility that ABC provides.

In our view, these characteristics make asset-based credit an ideal investment for investors looking to outperform the market.

How Does Expertise Drive Performance?

The key to outperformance in illiquid markets like asset-based finance is specialization.

In illiquid markets, experience and specialist knowledge provide a competitive advantage.

We specialise in asset-based finance... nothing else. This singular focus has made us a expert in our field, resulting in outperformance for our investors.

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Meet The Team

We have been working together for over a decade at SCIO Capital LLP. Our backgrounds vary from risk management, law, trading to cash flow modeling. It is safe to say our team is quite diversified. This diversity is our secret weapon, allowing us to take part in both public and private markets, expanding our range.

But most importantly, it gives us a significant competitive advantage.

Greg Branch

Partner & CIO

Eric Eastlund


Jason Harris

Chief Risk Officer

Eriko Aron

Senior Portfolio Manager

Barry Lucassen

Portfolio Manager

Davinder Virdee

General Counsel

Tim Riggins

Investor Relations

Nicole Floss

Office Manager

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